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One of our favorites "What if the hokie pokie is what it's all about".

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A CNN reporter, while interviewing a Marine sniper, asked, "What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist." The Marine shrugged and replied, "Recoil."
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Why Do Those Terrorists Blow Themselves Up Anyway?
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Deerhunter BOO! Larry the Cable Guy Road Rage

Stress Need A Shave? Fries Dumb Terrorist
White Trash Christmas
Time To Bomb Sadam Awesome Christmas Light Show Paris Hilton OHH The Gas Prices! Recruiting the right person

Kosovo- Thanks YES!
(Language Warning)
Running Bear Blonde Star Glow In The Dark Beat That Ass

Some of Our Original Humor From 2003

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Humor Link 4
Humor Link 5
Humor Link 6

Holiday Humor

Holiday Parking Santa Cops We Wish You A Merry Christmas Cookie Blues

Bad Santa Snowman Poker Labor Laws Ho Ho Ho 2 Snowman Nose Beat Me...
Star Bucks Fleas Navidog Home Alone Snowangel Snowman Humor Snowman Humor Snowman Humor Snowman Humor Snowman Humor Snowman Humor
Santa goes 1st Class How Bad Trophies Robery Snowman Humor Snowman Humor Snowman Humor Snowman Humor Snowman Humor Snowman Humor
Smokin Schmidt House Bad Rottie Not at Home Santa Wrecks Snow Cones Later Explain This Helipng Out Great, A Flat
Snowman and Dog Snowman Burial Moon Snowman Family Where is Santa? You S.O.B. Ho Ho Ho Airbag? Just In Case Don't Wait
Reindeer Hunter Eggnog Go Outside Stickup The Bad News Believe! Christmas Burglar I'm Asking Nicely Dog Christmas Missing Elf
Clean Your Chimney Vacation Time Tired of Snow Icecicles Lottery Winners Christmas Card Pupsicles Santa Knows Job Evaluation Day Deer Crossing

Off The Wall
Christmas Lights Poochie Christmas DVD Rewinder
Magnets Shark Tricks Big Bad Wolf
Good Dog? Bird Bath Execution
Cowboy Tricks Google Search Hey Osama
Baghdad Bob Cat & Hamster Scale
Noah's Ark Baby Moses Watercooler
Dirty Wife Blowdryer Word for Blondes
Igloo Construction Overnight Delivery Terror Alert
Maniac Dog Bar Adult Dog Store
Whoops Bad Pen Thanskgiving
Men at Work Nail Humor School Prank
Signs Curious Cats Strawberry...
Hospital License Plate Alcohol Research
Caution Sign Billboard 1 Billboard 2
Terror Alert Air Tragedy Budget Rental
Political Signs Police Alert North Korea
Sad Ham Playboy Whitehouse ?
Islamic GQ McDonalds Camel Sunset
3 Stooges? I Give Up Coke Delivery
Flag More Politicians Islam Humor
Happy Holidays Missles Aircraft Carrier
Jakob The Liar Merry ChristmASS Minnie Me
Kick Our Asses Targets Snickers
ZZ Top Santa Humor Beauty Contest
Underwear Models Google Search 2 Will Work
Queer Eye I Tell You If You Can..
Elvis U.N. Liberty

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